Guide list

Langohr documentation is organized as a number of guides, covering various topics.

We recommend that you read these guides, if possible, in this order:

Getting started

An overview of Langohr with a quick tutorial that helps you to get started with it. It should take about 15 minutes to read and study the provided code examples.

AMQP Concepts

This guide covers:

  • AMQP 0.9.1 model overview
  • What are AMQP channels
  • What are AMQP vhosts
  • What are AMQP queues
  • What are AMQP exchanges
  • What are AMQP bindings
  • What are AMQP 0.9.1 classes and methods

Connecting To The Broker

This guide covers:

  • How to connect to RabbitMQ with Langohr
  • How to use connection URI to connect to RabbitMQ (also: on Heroku)
  • How to open a channel
  • How to close a channel
  • How to disconnect

Queues and Consumers

This guide covers:

  • How to declare AMQP queues with Langohr
  • Queue properties
  • How to declare server-named queues
  • How to declare temporary exclusive queues
  • How to consume messages ("push API")
  • How to fetch messages ("pull API")
  • Message and delivery properties
  • Message acknowledgements
  • How to purge queues
  • How to delete queues
  • Other topics related to queues

Exchanges and Publishing

This guide covers:

  • Exchange types
  • How to declare AMQP exchanges with Langohr
  • How to publish messages
  • Exchange propreties
  • Fanout exchanges
  • Direct exchanges
  • Topic exchanges
  • Default exchange
  • Message and delivery properties
  • Message routing
  • Bindings
  • How to delete exchanges
  • Other topics related to exchanges and publishing


This guide covers:

  • How to bind exchanges to queues
  • How to unbind exchanges from queues
  • Other topics related to bindings

This guide covers:

  • Topics related to durability of exchanges and queues
  • Durability of messages

Error Handling and Recovery

This guide covers:

  • AMQP 0.9.1 protocol exceptions
  • How to deal with network failures
  • Other things that may go wrong

Using TLS (SSL) Connections

This guide covers:

  • How to use TLS (SSL) connections to RabbitMQ with Langohr

RabbitMQ Extensions to AMQP 0.9.1

This guide covers RabbitMQ extensions and how they are used in Langohr:

  • How to use Publishing Confirms with Langohr
  • How to set per-queue message TTL
  • How to use exchange-to-exchange bindings
  • How to the alternate exchange extension
  • What are consumer cancellation notifications and how to use them
  • Message dead lettering and the dead letter exchange

Troubleshooting (TBD)

This guide covers:

  • What to check when your apps that use Langohr and RabbitMQ misbehave

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